*Runs into room spilling chocolate milk down shirt in sweatpants and nursing bra*


Hi guys! My name is Courtney and I am a wife to a handsome EMT who is my very best friend, a mother to a funny darling little girl, a preschool teacher, chocolate feen, and a baby lover born and raised in Southern California!


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I have always dreamed of being a mom!


I plan to have many children! I am a family gal and I am so excited and inspired by my baby and motherhood and look forward to this journey as a mom.

I have my degree in art from UC Santa Barbara and I work as a preschool teacher at my family’s business known as Cal Elite Kids. I went on to study child development and education and have discovered my passion in babies, children, teaching, and all things motherhood. I grew up in a pretty big family of six, with four kids – two boys and two girls. It was crazy and chaotic and I wouldn’t have had it any other way for it is the reason I want so many kids of my own!


This is my big and crazy family

family, mombloger 76719_1488991141198_1126556530_31122923_7762509_n  (Can you tell which one is me?) Ha!

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I am so passionate about being a mom and I am crazy obsessed IN LOVE with my baby and look forward to growing my family over the next several years.

With my background in art and child development, I am using blogging as a creative outlet while also keeping my new mom life, my baby, and my family in mind.

I enjoy blogging about motherhood, pregnancy, postpartum, amateur DIY projects, fun and simple recipes, my baby girl Mika Rose (pronounced Mee-ka), life with my family, activity ideas for children, and some other things in between.

I hope to communicate ideas with other moms like myself and share my passion, research, experience, and trials and joys in motherhood.

Side note, I am currently obsessing over my Canon Camera and hope to get to know it a little more. I love chocolate chip cookies, lounging in my pajamas, taking photos, going to the zoo and the beach, the holidays and any other reason to celebrate, my husband, and super obsessed in love with my baby!! If you can relate to any of this, please email me so we can connect! I would love to hear from you.


motherhood, momblogger, being a mom baby, momblogger, blogger, motherhood



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